Welcome to the team St. Aubyn, Sarah, & Nicklaus


Welcome to the team St. Aubyn, Sarah, & Nicklaus

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We want to introduce you to our newest team members at TruNovus; St. Aubyn, Sarah, and Nicklaus

St. Aubyn

St. Aubyn joins us as a Revenue Cycle Manager. He has over eight years in the healthcare industry as a medical scribe, Patient Accounts Associate and Medical Biller.  St. Aubyn was born and raised in Brooklyn where he graduated from SUNY Albany and currently resides in Orlando. He is on track to receive his MBA in Healthcare Leadership at the end of this year.

St. Aubyn made a big impression on us with his high attention to detail, love for teamwork and love for patient care. He loves traveling, swimming and begin with friends.


Sarah joins us as a Utilization Review Specialist with over 10 years in behavioral health. This includes positions at community group homes, residential facilities, outpatient programs, and non-profit wellness centers. Sarah has a BS in Psychology with a focus in Women’s Studies from Worcester State University and a Master’s in Education/Applied Behavior Analysis.

Sarah’s brings with her experience in General Mental Health (GMH) and Serious Mental Illness population (SMI). She is actively in the process of acquiring her licensure in the field of Behavior Analysis. Sarah is married and has two boys, 4 & 10 months who keep her busy, grounded and humble.


Nicklaus joins us from California as a Revenue Cycle Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He began as an emergency room biller and insurance accounts receivable specialist and his background includes managing RCM teams, A/R, contracting, physician billing and follow up.

One of his biggest accomplishments in his career was assisting Applied Behavior Analysis providers create their own RCM office. He trained them in billing, accounts receivable, payment posting, contracting and credentialing. Because of this experience and growth, Nicklaus was able to work for the three largest ABA providers in the country where he managed large insurance billing and collections departments with over $20 million in monthly revenue. We could almost say that Nicklaus has experienced it all.

He recently worked with a Los Angeles nonprofit that serves the homeless population in LA. Nicklaus built out their revenue cycle management department by setting up Billing, A/R follow up, revenue reporting, contracting, and credentialing.

Nicklaus loves Star Wars, vintage t-shirts and has an incredible taste in music. We’re so grateful to have him on our team.

We’re thrilled to be expanding our service offering and industry experience to help us fight for every day and dollar your patients and facility deserve.


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