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We keep you out of trouble and help you navigate the minefields. We support your facility by offering professional HR guidance throughout the entire employee lifecycle. This includes onboarding, employee management, offboarding, and post-termination management.


We keep you out of trouble and help you navigate the minefields. We support your facility by offering professional HR guidance throughout the entire employee lifecycle. This includes onboarding, employee management, offboarding, and post-termination management.


It is our goal to train you and your management team within the first 30-days on how to improve interactions with your employees. Your staff is your most valuable and expensive asset. We’ll coach and assist you on how to create a positive culture, retention strategies, corrective actions, crucial conversations, and documentation.

Let out HR teams take care of you!



HR is stressful.

Clinical patient care will always be a top priority. Operational patient care is just as important. HR is one of the key components to eliminating operational chaos.

With TruNovus, you can offload all your HR tasks and stresses to us. You focus on clinical patient care. We provide operational patient care. We can improve employee recruitment and retention through proper management of employee benefits, employee training’s, culture creation, and PTO tracking; in addition to managing unemployment claims, avoiding wrongful terminations, I-9 documentation and much more.

Important HR tasks will never be ignored ever again.

Proven Experts

Our staff of HR professionals bring over 35 years of experience to your fingertips. They work with you to assure your facility is not only compliant, but primed for positive employee retention & a great workplace culture.

Personalized Support

It’s time to free yourself from the weight of HR. The TruNovus team is available when you need them to coach you through crucial conversations or informed decisions. We create freedom for you and your employee’s.

Don’t Do This Alone

HR can get complicated. Outsourcing HR operations creates business freedoms, eliminates uncertainties and makes everything…less complicated. Rely on the HR experts at TruNovus to fuel your growth.

All-in-One HR Software

Documentation and employee management is critical for each facility. Our HR software allows you to manage everything related to HR and employees in one place. No more chasing down company documents or manually tracking PTO. 


Effortlessly manage payroll with the help of your TruNovus payroll specialist. Get custom reports and access to payroll history for your staff.

Time & Attendance

Bring your own time clock system or use one of our integrated partners. Still tracking hours on paper? That’s OK too, but let us show you more.


Create custom PTO rules based on employee needs. Time off requests are easily managed all in the same place.

Employee Onboarding

Quickly set up your employees and new hires in our online system while always remaining 100% compliant.

Recruitment Tools

1-click job posting to multiple job sites. Get immediate exposure for every job you need to fill. Track applicants and their progress in real time.

Document Storage

Easily create and manage I-9 forms, W4s, employee information, job descriptions, & more. No more searching through filing cabinets or your desktop.

Employee Interaction Coaching

Interactions with employees can be tough, especially when a crucial conversation is needed. Knowing how to communicate, when to discipline or the steps to a termination can be overwhelming. TruNovus will help you navigate these critical employee interactions so you can build a culture of trust and awareness.

Crucial conversations are hard. It’s takes practice and training to communicate effectively. We understand the difficulties of having discussions with employees, especially when it’s related to discipline, performance planning, or termination.

TruNovus is here to guide you through every conversation and have you prepared for even the most difficult one’s.

Whether an employee is not performing at their best or needs corrective action, termination is often the last option to you should go to. TruNovus offers coaching on corrective actions and crucial conversations, so you can work with your employees on performance and behavior. You’ll see improvment within a few weeks.

It’s OK if you uncertain or unsure on how to discipline or talk with an employee, that’s why we’re here. 

Terminating an employee is expensive. Building a employee performance plan will save you money and improve your relationship with your staff, especially during periods of correction.

Often times, employees just need corrective action and guidance. TruNvous helps you build trust by constructing a plan that helps them get back on track.

It’s difficult when you need to terminate an employee. It’s one of the hardst things business owner’s do.

There are right ways and wrong ways to terminate an employee. We coach you through state and federal labor laws and how to have a crucial conversation so you can take the correct actions to protect you and your facility during a termination. These actions will also help you maintain a professional relationship with your employees, and in some cases, avoid unemployment claims.

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