Operational Patient Care

is as important as Clinical Patient Care


Clinical Patient Care (CPC) is the life blood of the business. CPC includes the program, processes, charting, interactions between staff and clients, etc. that deliver quality patient outcomes. CPC is your client’s journey. It creates hope. It saves lives.


If CPC is the life blood of the business, Operational Patient Care (OPC) is the heart. OPC encompasses processes such as staffing and employee retention, cash flow management, utilization reviews and commercial insurance advocacy, effective HR and compliant policies & procedures, etc. It’s knowing that the fiduciary, regulatory, and compliance aspects of running the business are handled professionally. When OPC is healthy, it compliments CPC in creating positive outcomes for clients.

Your Operations Pump Life Into The Facility

If you’re still following our  analogy, you can see that the heart needs significant attention to run at full capacity. Since it feeds life to every part of a facility, it needs adequate care and response.

When you partner with TruNovus, your operational processes are fully managed and elevated, allowing you to improve and focus on the clinical success of your facility. Reduced chaos creates higher quality patient care and outcomes.

You may have even thought to yourself, “Are my operations running efficiently?”



of facilities that use an OPC provider GREW in 2020, versus 28% of non-OPC users.


of facilities were less likely to have permanently closed in the past two years.


of facilities saw a lightened administrative workload and a greater focus on patient needs

If your operations and administrative tasks are…

Causing stress, anxiety or keep you up at night. . .

Affecting desired outcomes of clinical patient care. . .

Managed in-house with team members (that includes you) wearing multiple hats . . .

Outsourced to a variety of 3rd parties . . .

Managed internally AND outsourced to multiple vendors . . .

You’re experiencing operational chaos

You Have A Choice To Make

Continue managing multiple third-party vendors AND/OR absorbing your administrative tasks in-house [along with staying up to date on legislature, mandates, employment law and more.]


Hire an operational partner.

psst, that’s us

Ready to Reduce Operational Chaos?