Behavioral Health

HR & Billing Specialist’s

We maximize your revenues while minimizing the time you spent on administrative tasks

Billing & Authorizations

Billing is complex and ever-changing. It takes proficiency, experience, accuracy and solid negotiation skills to earn every dollar. Our billing team fights for every dollar and delivers reports to help maximize your revenue.

Payroll & Benefits

Managing payroll and employee benefits is no small task. Never worry again about paying employees on time, tracking attendance, or offering affordable insurance. Retain AND attract top talent with our superior operational services.

Facility Compliance & Support

Guessing how to manage compliance is not worth the risk (or headache). It’s easy to drown in the sea of regulations & policies. We want you to feel confident with every HR decision you need to make. We are here for you!



Say goodbye to the frustration of managing oPERATIONS on your own

You’re trying to run a successful patient program while also managing business operations. You’ve already spent too much time finding solutions for payroll, fighting appeals, employee benefits, recruiting, bill providers and utilizations.

Maybe you’ve even hired staff or multiple third parties to ease the burden that business operations creates.

We get it! 

We are your Operational Reinforcements that manage all operational demands so you can keep providing quality patient care.

You Deserve An Operational Cavalry

Do you find yourself losing sleep or worrying about the operations at your facility? Things like processing payroll again, fighting another appeal, or sorting through employment laws and policies?

What if you didn’t have to anymore? What if you could hand off your operations and focus on improving your programs, training employees and healing patients?

Cavalry is your operational solution. We absorb all the day-to-day HR and billing needs so you can focus on growth.

"I have absolutely loved my experience with Cavalry! We specialize in Substance Abuse & Mental Health outpatient treatment. Finding someone who can do HR, payroll, benefits, and handle our insurance billing was a true blessing for our business. I recommend anyone to Cavalry!"

Taz – Facility Owner

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Cavalry Ops staff now for several years. I have found them to be both very professional and very skilled at solving various problems that have come up in the course of our normal business operations. Cavalry has been an invaluable resource."

Eric – Operations Director

"I love the Cavalry team!!! They are extremely accommodating and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a HR and billing company."

Kelly – Operations Director

Our Guarantee


We could tell you we have over 105 years combined experience doing billing & HR. Or we could tell you that we’ve strategically created an end to end operational solution for facilities that increases revenue, prepares you for audits, helps hire and retain staff, and offers HR support & consulting at no extra cost…and sends you cookies.


Submitting claims and bills on time is crucial for successful revenue cycles. As well as having up-to-date handbooks, policies and accurate payroll taxes. We are consistently reviewing our processes and industry policies to keep your facility operations running smooth.

Time Savings

In the time it takes to interview candidates, train a new hire on their responsibilities & update employee records, we’ll have your payroll processed, several new claims approved and your new employee fully onboarded with insurance. It’s time to outsource the time-sucking operations of your facility to an Operational Partner.

Why Choose Cavalry Ops?

We are robust, purposeful and dedicated to your operational needs. It’s our goal to absorb your operational processes so you can direct your strongest efforts on healing clients and your community.

We believe in consolidating business risk. The less overhead and fewer 3rd party resources a business has to manage, the more success and insight they will have into their operations. TruNovus has combined payroll, benefits, billing and compliance into one blended service so you can trust that your operations are under control.

Ready to Reduce Operational Chaos?